Fast And Effective Defense Against Flooding

Deluge Sandless Sandbags are the new solution to create an effective barrier to the threat of flooding.

The bag weighs less than 1 pound before contact with water and can be stored easily for 5 years or more before they are needed.

They absorb and retain up to 5.5 gallons of water, weighing approximately 45 pounds and will maintain this weight through out a flood season.

The time to make the necessary preparations is now and it is imperative that you know how to use the sandbags properly in order to protect your properties.

Hard work is not necessary with our Deluge Sandless Sandbags, which work in any area to create an effective barrier against flood waters.

These bags are mainly used in case of an emergency where you can expect floods or high water levels, they can be distributed by your local emergency preparedness organizations.

We all know that traditional sandbags are labor intensive and require more labor to handle, distribute, transport and to stock. Our bags are totally autonomous so there is no sand, they are compact and light, that means you can distribute thousands of sandbags in less time.